What is a stationary engineer?

Answer Stationary engineers get their job title from the type of equipment they handle, which does not move. The job of a stationary engineer requires specific knowledge of industrial equipment and mainte... Read More »

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Stationary Engineer Licensing Requirements?

Stationary engineers monitor and repair electrical and mechanical equipment in commercial buildings, such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, sports arenas and other facilities. They work with s... Read More »

What is the different between Software Engineer and Systems Engineer?

Software engineer is purely about programming, database, etc. and not going beyond it; whereas a systems engineer (in computer field) will have idea about application system e.g., payroll, inventor... Read More »

What is it like being a Hardware Engineer or Computer Engineer?

Most engineering programs are very difficult and math oriented. They aren't among the hardest majors (medical / pharmacy / law), but they are up there. As far as ease of finding a job, they are b... Read More »

What is stationary at a wedding for?

Wedding stationary can make your special day more orderly and memorable. It's important to choose stationary that includes items you need, such as thank you cards, place cards and address labels.Pu... Read More »