What is a state tax lien?

Answer If you have delinquent state taxes such as income or property tax, the state government can file a lien against your property. The process for a state tax lien varies by state.DefinitionA lien is a... Read More »

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What actions by an HOA in Washington state qualify as proceedings to enforce a lien or collect a debt for unpaid HOA assessments?

Your governing documents are specific in this regard, and may have been amended by a Collection Amendment. Generally, notice is required before a lien can be formally filed -- a lien may be automa... Read More »

State Lien Vs. Tax Deed?

Investments come in many forms. Tax liens and deeds offer two similar but distinct types of investing that investors should carefully consider before deciding which to choose.

Is Michigan a tax lien or tax deed state?

Michigan is a tax lien state, meaning that if a homeowner does not pay his property taxes in full, he will receive a notice of state tax lien, according to Michigan Department of Treasury.Source:Mi... Read More »

How to Resolve a State of California Tax Lien?

The California Franchise Tax Board will place a lien on all of your personal and real property in the state if you fail to pay your state taxes. A lien on your property will prevent you from sellin... Read More »