What is a stair stepper?

Answer A stair stepper is an exercise machine that simulates going up and down stairs. It strengthens leg and buttock muscles and provides cardiovascular exercise to strengthen the heart and promote weigh... Read More »

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How do i choose a stair stepper?

Durability and MaintenanceCheck the length and terms of warranties for all models you are considering. Confirm that the weight limit for each machine will support all people likely to use the stair... Read More »

What Is a Stepper Motor?

A stepper motor is a simple motion control system with a synchronous motor that operates electronically without brushes or contacts. There are three types of stepper motors: variable reluctance, pe... Read More »

What is the twist stepper?

The twist stepper is an exercise machine based on low impact cardiovascular exercise. Like the treadmill, a twist stepper provides the simulation of movement on a stationary piece of equipment.Type... Read More »

How to Microstep a Stepper Motor?

A stepper motor is an electric motor that can perform a 360-degree rotation divided into a number of steps. The number of steps differs for various stepper motors. The micro stepping concept can be... Read More »