What is a stack overflow?

Answer A stack overflow is a memory malfunction when a piece of hardware requests the use of more RAM (Random Access Memory) than there is available. This can cause problems with the operation of some har... Read More »

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Reasons for Stack Overflow?

Stack overflow is an application error that occurs whenever too much memory is allocated on the run-time call stack of an application. In the operating system, this call stack is literally a "stack... Read More »

I had a stack overflow at line :0 error message. Can I fix this at home or do I need to take it to the shop?

A stack overflow is kind of a generic symptom that can have many different problems. You have mentioned 2 other symptoms that are more informative:- Your machine is hanging and freezing a lot late... Read More »

Stack overflow at line 26 this message appearing when i'm sharing video or pictures how i can manage it?

my computer is doing the same thing and it started yesterday, i believe it is only with facebook because i do all kinds of other things all day long....but i dont believe it is a virus or anything,... Read More »

What is overflow incontinence?

Overflow incontinence is a medical condition in which the flow of urine cannot be controlled because the bladder does not fully empty. This leads to dribbling of urine throughout the day and night.... Read More »