What is a stack overflow?

Answer A stack overflow is a memory malfunction when a piece of hardware requests the use of more RAM (Random Access Memory) than there is available. This can cause problems with the operation of some har... Read More »

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Reasons for Stack Overflow?

Stack overflow is an application error that occurs whenever too much memory is allocated on the run-time call stack of an application. In the operating system, this call stack is literally a "stack... Read More »

I had a stack overflow at line :0 error message. Can I fix this at home or do I need to take it to the shop?

A stack overflow is kind of a generic symptom that can have many different problems. You have mentioned 2 other symptoms that are more informative:- Your machine is hanging and freezing a lot late... Read More »

Stack overflow at line 26 this message appearing when i'm sharing video or pictures how i can manage it?

my computer is doing the same thing and it started yesterday, i believe it is only with facebook because i do all kinds of other things all day long....but i dont believe it is a virus or anything,... Read More »

When did hoover dam overflow?

Hoover Dam overflowed for the first and only time in July 1983 as a result of a flood that filled the Colorado River. The high volume of water damaged the spillways, which had to be repaired soon a... Read More »