What is a ssd in computers I mean what does it do?

Answer SSD = Solid State DriveIts a storage device that uses NAND based flash chips for storage (similar to ram in your computer, but for permanent storage).It uses low power, produces low heat, and has n... Read More »

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In computers what does dns mean?

1 - dns = domain name server2 - Click into your start menu and type cmd, then in that type: ipconfig /flushdns3 - If this doesnt work, edit your question to say that you tried it.DNS automatically ... Read More »

What does mhz mean for computers?

MHz stands for megahertz. MHz is the unit used to measure the speed of a computer's processor. One-MHz means that data is processed at the speed of 1 million times per second. Other factors such as... Read More »

What does ram mean for computers?

RAM is like the short-term memory of your computer, whereas your hard drives are long-term memory. You turn your computer off and the RAM is emptied, whereas the hard drives are not.Physical overvi... Read More »

What does OEM mean in computers?

OEM is an abbreviation for original equipment manufacturer. The OEM typically manufactures a product, selling it in bulk to major companies to be packaged and sold on store shelves or used in produ... Read More »