What is a square of roofing material?

Answer A square of roofing material is the number of shingles of any size needed to cover 100 square feet of roof, or 9.29 square meters, with a 3-inch overlap between successive rows. Roofers find this u... Read More »

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How many feet are in a square of roofing material?

Roofers express areas in "squares." One square of roofing material is equal to 100 square feet. Polyurethane foam is an exception: for that material, one roofing square is equal to nine square mete... Read More »

Roofing Material for Buildings?

Most residential roofs wear out after 20 to 30 years and must be replaced. As a roof ages it can begin to leak, which can cause structural damage and provide a breeding ground for mold. Roofs are c... Read More »

How do I measure& calculate hip roofing material?

Measure Each AreaStudy the roof as a whole to locate its individual sections. Take the measurements you need from each section to calculate the number of square feet.Make a DrawingMake a simple dra... Read More »

How to Install Roll Roofing Material?

Roll roofing material is basically a large shingle. Like a shingle, it is made from asphalt and either fiberglass or felt paper. Roll roofing material will last between five and 12 years when insta... Read More »