What is a square foot in meters?

Answer A square foot is equal to about 0.1 square meters. The precise conversion is 0.0929 square feet per square meter. Both square meters and square feet are measures of area. Square meters are used in ... Read More »

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Square Meters to Square Foot Conversion?

In 1999, NASA lost a $125 million spacecraft due to what scientists claimed was metric confusion. After a team of engineers failed to employ the metric system as planned, the Orbiter presumably bur... Read More »

How many square meters equal a square foot?

A square foot is equal to 0.09290304 square meters. Both square feet and square meters are measurements of area, which is a two-dimensional measurement. Both square feet and square meters are part ... Read More »

How do you get square meters of a house measuring 7.94 meters by 10.66 meters.?

To find the square meters (Area), multiply length x width (A=LW): 10.66 x 7.94 = 84.6404 square meters.

What is the cost per square foot to paint the exterior of a 1600 square foot clapboard siding house in cranston r.i. with trim 2 story2 dormers 12 windows light colors scrape sand prim finish?

Answer This question is way to vague. Is the house one or two levels? Number of dormers? Colors? Windows? Siding condition? Obviously you will need to be much more specific.