What is tha best phone i should get between tha sprint htc pro2 or tha sprint htc hero android phone?

Answer just founf a solution: "SMS Composer" that you can download from the market for free.Jim

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I just rooted an at&t galaxy s3. I have sprint. If i walk into sprint will they change my service to my galaxy?

Yes they will have a problem. They will tell you that they cannot activate your S3 to their network. Why is that? Sprint uses CDMA cellular network. AT&T uses GSM cellular network. The two are... Read More »

If I switch my sprint number to another sprint phone how much will it cost me to transfer my number to another?

Just take your sim card out of the old phone and put it in the new

What is sprint pcs?

Spring PCS (Personal Communication Services) is the wireless arm of Sprint Nextel. It sells cell phones, PDAs and other wireless devices.IdentificationPCS refers to the 1900 MHz radio band used for... Read More »

What is a Sprint AirCard?

A Sprint AirCard is a small device that plugs into a laptop to provide a mobile connection to the Internet. You must purchase air time to use the service, which is typically available bundled with ... Read More »