What is a spreadsheet cell?

Answer Spreadsheets are used to lay out a lot of information in one document. They allow you to formulate financial data or categorize non-numeric data. The building blocks of a spreadsheet are the cells.... Read More »

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How to Edit the Contents of a Spreadsheet Cell?

You can edit the contents of a cell in several distinct ways. Use the method that is most convenient to you.

How do I add text in an Excel spreadsheet cell?

Select the Cell for the TextNavigate to the cell where you want to enter text. Type the text into the cell and press "Enter." Double-click on the right border of the column header to adjust the col... Read More »

How to Turn Off Cell Protection in Spreadsheet?

Microsoft Excel allows users to protect workbooks and spreadsheets through the built-in cell protection feature. This prevents others from deleting or changing any of the cells in a worksheet inten... Read More »

How do you add color to one cell in the spreadsheet in Excel?

Just like most things with Microsoft applications, there are usually multiple ways to do the same thing.The easiest way is through the use of the Formatting Toolbar, and it works the same way as it... Read More »