What is a split-level floor plan in a house?

Answer A split-level house plan provides for at least two levels and often three levels. Instead of the traditional plan for stacking the floors of a house vertically, the split-level plan offsets the le... Read More »

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What is a split floor plan?

Split floor plan designs originated in the 1950s with the split-level home. The split floor plan of today offers a different design, to maximize privacy. Split floor plans offer alternative designs... Read More »

How many floors does a split level house have?

Split level - it means that at least one "floor" is on more than one level - now does that make it two floors or one 'split' floor. Often if a house is split on one floor it will have split leve... Read More »

Does anyone have a floor plan for the Two and a Half Men house set?

I'm also interested in a house plan of the Two and A Half Men house. If anyone finds something that sketches it out, please let me know ... mcowan @ tiny_tex @ Many thanks.I... Read More »

How to Draw a House Floor Plan?

A floor plan, if drawn to scale, can be of inestimable use in your interior planning and design. Not only can you see exactly the shapes of your rooms and the placement of openings such as doors an... Read More »