What is a split complementary color scheme?

Answer A split complementary color scheme serves as a variation to the complementary color scheme, a color scheme that uses complementary colors. Complementary colors include colors across each other on t... Read More »

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What Color is Complementary to Yellow?

Complementary colors are colors that go together. According to color theory, these colors highlight each other by making the colors seem more vibrant. Complementary colors are those that are opposi... Read More »

What is a triadic color scheme?

A triadic color scheme involves a combination of three colors or hues that achieve a specific effect, especially in art and design. Various triadic color schemes can be formed using a color wheel, ... Read More »

What color scheme is used for computer monitors?

Computer monitors use the RGB color scheme, which stands for red, green and blue. RGB is an additive scheme in which colors are made by combining varying degrees of the three primary colors to prod... Read More »

How to Get a Color Scheme for Facebook?

Your clothes are a different color every day, your hair every week and your walls every couple months -- your Facebook can follow suit and change color with your mood. The color of the Facebook pag... Read More »