What is a spirit dancer?

Answer The American Museum of Natural History describes a spirit dancer as someone who uses movement to celebrate cultural traditions and express social values. Spirit dancers are often used as guides du... Read More »

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Can denatured spirit be used to make surgical spirit?

Yes, denatured spirit can be used to make surgical spirit.Ethyl alcohol denatured with methyl alcohol is used for surgical purposeSurgical spirit is 70% denatured ethanol

How to Become a Hip Hop Dancer?

Dance is not only a way to entertain. Dance is also a way of expressing yourself. Learning to dance doesn't just teach you how to move, but also teaches you self awareness and can give you confiden... Read More »

How to Be a Dancer?

starting small leads to something bigDancing is so much more than just a sport. It takes more than a pretty face, it takes a lot of practice and hard work. But if you have the right amount of talen... Read More »

How to Be a Better Dancer?

Improving your dancing skills after you've been a beginner for a time requires increased dedication and a willingness to try new skills that will push you beyond beginner boundaries. This article p... Read More »