What is a specimen record in childcare?

Answer specimen record within a childcare is a record for a observation for something such as a medical condition, or whether the child may be displaying certain symptoms. signs to look to confirm... Read More »

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What is a specimen processor?

Employed in laboratory environments, a specimen processor is an administrative professional who is responsible for the collection, cataloging and maintenance of all research specimens. Employment i... Read More »

Is a Pap smear considered a specimen?

A Pap smear or Pap test is a screening test to check for infections in female organs. Since the doctor or health professional submits the Pap smear for checking, it's a specimen. A health professio... Read More »

What was the first specimen viewed under the tem microscope?

Max Knoll and Ernst Ruska built the first TEM, or transmission electron microscope, in 1931. The first specimen viewed under a TEM was an electron micrograph of a cell from a chick embryo.Source:Un... Read More »

Is a spice and a specimen one thing?

No. A specimen is a sample of something. A spice is a flavoring.