What is a specimen processor?

Answer Employed in laboratory environments, a specimen processor is an administrative professional who is responsible for the collection, cataloging and maintenance of all research specimens. Employment i... Read More »

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What is a specimen record in childcare?

specimen record within a childcare is a record for a observation for something such as a medical condition, or whether the child may be displaying certain symptoms. signs to look to confirm... Read More »

What was the first specimen viewed under the tem microscope?

Max Knoll and Ernst Ruska built the first TEM, or transmission electron microscope, in 1931. The first specimen viewed under a TEM was an electron micrograph of a cell from a chick embryo.Source:Un... Read More »

What type of specimen is required for most blood tests?

Most blood tests require a sample of 5 ml to 20 ml or about 1 tsp to 4 tsp. Depending on the type of blood test your physician has ordered, you may be required to fast for up to 12 hours before hav... Read More »

What is faster a core2duo 2 processor or pentium4 3ghz processor?

CORE2DUO is faster.P4 processor is enough for this game but game is not need only cpu the most important hardware for video game is Graphic Card if you have poor video card it will get lagging in g... Read More »