Is there any way to get rid of my period sooner?

Answer Nothing that you do will affect your period.

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How to go into labor sooner?

It all depends, different things work for different women. A common way is to have sex. Another option is driving around on a bumpy road. Nipple stimulation by your partner can also help. A long ti... Read More »

Is their anyway i can have my period sooner or later?

Your body tends to know what it is doing so it is best to leave it to it's own devices, however inducing your period will not cause you any harm as long as you don't use such methods all the time a... Read More »

How to Get to Class Sooner?

If your teacher always gets on your nerves saying "Your five minutes late, DETENTION! Well here's how to stop that.

Do second babies come sooner in pregnancy?

It is a popular theory that 2nd and subsequent babies do have a decreased gestational period, but this is not a fact. It depends entirely upon when your body decides that your baby is ready to be b... Read More »