Who sings the song to the bbc drama clips with the words just called to say hello?

Answer Because of the 5 million vewis candy cabs is due to cone back on television in a few mounths

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What kids tv show sang the song that had the words Singing a happy song in it?

There is a song in the Hey Arnold episode called 24 Hours To Live which i think is called I'm Crazy can anyone find the full version of the song?

It's called "I'll hit me"... it was made by Craig Bartlett for the episode (which is the full length episode of the original pilot... which also has the song). No idea where you can find it though,... Read More »

What are words ending in ing called?

If you use an -ing verb as a noun--for example, "Running is my favorite sport"--it's a gerund. If the word indicates an incomplete action and follows a conjugation of the verb "to be"--for example... Read More »

You have season 1 of Castle on DVD and at the end credits on every episode there is a song with whistling What is that song called?