How many chromosomes does a somatic cell have?

Answer The number of chromosomes in a somatic cell varies by species. In humans, a somatic cell contains 46 chromosomes; one set of 23 is comprised of the maternal chromosomes and the other set is compris... Read More »

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How many autosomes are in a normal human somatic cell?

Autosomes, or autosomal chromosomes, are any chromosomes other than the sex chromosomes. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes in every cell; one pair is the sex chromosomes, however, so all human ce... Read More »

How many copies of chromosome IV does a flowering plant have in its somatic cells?

There are two copies of chromosome IV in a flowering plant's somatic cells if it is in the sporophyte stage of the lifecycle. The sporophyte stage of flowering plants is the diploid stage, meaning ... Read More »

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How do I automatically transfer info from a cell in an Excel workbook to another cell on a separate sheet?

There is no shortcut key combination to transfer data from one worksheet to another one in the same workbook. What you need is to create a formula in the second worksheet that uses a reference to ... Read More »