What is a solid state ceiling fan?

Answer The term "solid state" refers to the motor speed control of a fan, typically making it operate quietly. There are various speed settings that eliminate buzzing noises generated by the motor. Solid ... Read More »

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Which ipods are solid state?

In April of 2003, Apple introduced its first version of the solid-state iPod. It was included on the third-generation models. Solid state refers to a construction with no moving parts. Since 2003, ... Read More »

What Is Solid State Lighting?

Solid-state lights refers to lights where filaments or gases are not employed in their construction. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs), organic LEDs and light-emitting polymers are examples of lights th... Read More »

Guitar Tube amp vs. Solid state amp?

One man's tone is another man's trash.Most guitarists will say that tubes provide a better tone, and something like 80% of all guitar amps sold are tube.As another poster stated, solid state amps a... Read More »

How to Learn About the Solid State of Matter?

Solid StateThis article gives an overview about the types of solids and their chemcal properties as well as their physical properties.