What is a soft mortgage?

Answer A soft mortgage is a type of loan offered to low-and-moderate income home buyers. Designed to stimulate home buying, these mortgages feature very low interest rates and longer pay-back periods.Func... Read More »

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What Is a Soft Second Mortgage?

Formulated to target low and middle-income home buyers, a soft second mortgage is a second mortgage with subsidized affordable rates, which is usually combined with a traditional first mortgage. It... Read More »

What Do Mortgage Companies Charge When a Home Mortgage Is Paid Off?

Selling or refinancing a home usually involves paying off an existing mortgage. In calculating a payoff, which will satisfy and zero out the balance, all unpaid fees and interest must be included, ... Read More »

What is the difference between a mortgage and a second mortgage?

A mortgage is a home loan. There are numerous types of home loans. However, the two most often procured are first and second mortgages. Each type of mortgage has different rules and regulations.Sig... Read More »

Difference Between Soft Paws & Soft Claws?

Cats like to scratch stuff. That's a fact of life if you share yours with a feline friend. Declawing is considered by many to be inhumane, and training your cat not to scratch furniture may be a lo... Read More »