What is a smoker grill?

Answer A smoker grill is a cooking device that allows a cook to preserve, cook and flavor food by exposing it to smoke through burned materials, most commonly wood. The most common smoked foods are meats ... Read More »

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How to Set Up a Smoker Grill?

Smoker grills come in many shapes and sizes, but the setup is essentially the same on all models. A load of fuel, such as charcoal or hardwood chunks, goes into one side of the smoker or a connecte... Read More »

How to Make a Smoker Grill?

Most barbecue lovers will agree that there is no better taste than meat that has slow cooked in a smoker. While there are numerous smoking options available on the market today, purchasing a smoker... Read More »

How To Pick a Smoker Grill?

Grill-smoker combinations offer the two best modes of outdoor cooking in one unit: grilling over live coals or fire and slow smoking over low heat with hardwood smoking chips. To pick a smoker gril... Read More »

How to Light a Smoker Grill?

A smoker grill is a dual-purpose outdoor barbecue appliance that can be used for slow-cooking meat with smoke and low heat as well as grilling traditional cookout foods such as steaks, hamburgers a... Read More »