What is a sling immobilizer?

Answer After an arm, shoulder or clavicle break or injury, a doctor may indicate that the patient needs a sling and a sling immobilizer. The device is used to help speed recovery and prevent further injur... Read More »

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Difference between an arm sling and an elevation sling?

An arm sling usually just support the arm in a neutral posisition , while an elevation sling supports the arm and keep it elevated above the heart leve to reduce swelling and pain. You would also y... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot an Immobilizer?

You may think there is nothing particularly clever about turning the key and starting your car's engine. In fact, if your car is fitted with an immobilizer, this system actually senses a microchip ... Read More »

What Does a Engine Immobilizer Do?

An automobile engine starts via an ignition system, which is activated by a designated key or other token. An engine immobilizer prevents the activation of an ignition system by other means.

Immobilizer Failure?

An immobilizer is an electronic device that prevents an automobile from starting unless the person trying to start it has the correct key. Its purpose is to prevent thieves from "hot wiring" a car.