What is a slate table?

Answer Any table with a slate top would be classified as a slate table. As a rule, the only game tables that must have slate under the playing surface are billiard tables; other slate tables where the sl... Read More »

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How heavy is a pool table slate top?

The weight of a slate top depends on its length, width and thickness. An average seven foot home table uses a one inch thick slate size that is 45 inches wide by 83 inches long and weighs 450 pound... Read More »

How to Seam the Slate on a Pool Table?

When it comes to a game of pool, there is nothing more important than a smooth playing surface. Aside from leveling the table properly, you can ensure a perfectly flat surface by seaming the slate ... Read More »

How to Replace Pool Table Slate?

Breaking the slate of your pool table will create an irregular surface which must be fixed. Slate, a natural stone material, usually breaks when the table is moved or a heavy object is dropped on t... Read More »

How to Seal Pool Table Slate?

Owning a pool table represents a significant investment. Although pool tables last a long time, the slate can become cracked. When this happens, a ball that rolls over the crack will veer in anothe... Read More »