What is a slab basement?

Answer A slab basement is simply a basement built by beginning with a slab of concrete as a foundation to support the walls. This concrete slab will also be the surface of the basement floor.Source:Info f... Read More »

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Can a pressure treated foundation be placed on the basement concrete slab?

Hello,My name is Terry and I am a help expert in the building and construction field.Yes, it is possible to construct a treated lumber foundation. It must however, be constructed and inspected by y... Read More »

Can plumbing be added to a basement if rough-in is not added during initial construction and the water table sits only 1 foot below the slab?

Answer Look for a special toilet that mounts directly to the floor and the water drains into a box mounted on the floor behind the toilet, under the tank. This box contains a pump that runs off ele... Read More »

Can I Pour a Concrete Slab Over an Existing Slab?

You can pour more concrete over an existing slab if you do some preparation to the original surface. The problem with adding wet concrete to cured concrete is there will be no adhesion between the ... Read More »

Besides using a dehumidifier, how can I get rid of the musty basement smell in my house/basement?

1) check for dampness. soaked walls/flooring maybe collecting molds thus the smell;2) if there is dampness, find a waterproofing paint to seal them. the kind that sticks even when wet. remember to ... Read More »