Who would win a fight Kimba the White Lion or Skunk from Skunk Fu?

Answer kid shnitzel

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In Skunk Fu does Fox hate Skunk?

What makes a skunk smell?

The 12 species of skunks that live across North America have one thing in common--they stink. Their distinctive odor is a powerful defense against predators that can be smelled from a half-mile awa... Read More »

What to Do if Humans Get Sprayed by a Skunk?

Skunk spray, also called skunk musk, is a potent form of protection the animal emits when it feels under threat. A skunk can shoot its musk several feet, and while the smell is noxious, it is not l... Read More »

What is the skunk spray called?

A skunk's spray is called "skunk musk." It is an oily substance comprised of thiols -- alcohol compounds containing sulfur. Skunk musk is produced in the skunk's anal glands beneath its tail. Skunk... Read More »