What is a skull crusher?

Answer A skull crusher is another name for a triceps extension performed while weights and lying on your back. Beginning with arms fully extended above your chest, you bend your arms at the elbows and low... Read More »

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Who invented the can crusher?

The first can crusher was invented in 1937 by Jesse M. Wright. On August 30, 1938, Mr. Wright received a patent for the crusher, which he named ''a press for flattening tin cans.''References:Free ... Read More »

Where can I buy a can crusher in portland?

Hey Lelly : ) Long time no see. Hmmm one of my contacts lives around there I think. I can always ask. Otherwise as far as jumping on it, can still be done outside on the cement or something like co... Read More »

When was the first can crusher invented?

The aluminum can crusher was invented by Charles Fabbri, Lauren Dowiot, William Schleis, Daniel Winterholler and Debra Quintell. They filed for a patent in 1978 and were awarded the patent in 1980.... Read More »

How to Choose a Suitable Crusher?

To choose a good and suitable crusher, you need to know what kind of materials you want to crush, size of materials and the output size of stones you want. This article can help you to know which c... Read More »