What is a skeleton argument?

Answer A skeleton argument is a document that briefly and concisely outlines to all parties the points that are in issue in a court of law. You cannot substitute a skeleton argument for an oral argument.S... Read More »

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What was the name of the kid's show about an evil skeleton and 3D dimensions and a boy hero the skeleton lived in a big castle thing and had henchmen. and there were amulets to be collected.?

Does a turtle have a skeleton?

Turtles do have skeletons. They have many bones in their skulls, paws and underneath their shells. The shell protects many of the turtle's vital organs, including its heart and entrails.References:... Read More »

What is a hydrostatic skeleton?

A hydrostatic skeleton is a skeletal system usually seen in aquatic life forms. It is unique because it is not hard like a human skeletal system, which is made up of bones. It is filled with fluid,... Read More »

What are the functions of the skeleton in a dog?

The canine skeleton is composed of the harder tissues found in the body, including cartilage, bones and ligaments. The average dog has approximately 319 bones, which is 113 more bones than found in... Read More »