Sex and the city What word did Natasha spell incorrectly in her letter to Carrie?

Answer She wrote "their" instead of "there".

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How do I type a letter in MS Word 2007?

Get a TemplateOpen Word 2007. Click on the Microsoft Office" button in the top left-hand corner of the screen and click "New" from the menu. Click "Letters" in the left "Templates" task pane. Using... Read More »

Cool 4-letter word for my BF3 clan tag?

EPIC, PWNG , OWNG , TANK , BLOW , BOMB , APEX , ULTI , RAZR , RAWR , CAMO , CLAW , CRIT , CREW , DEAD , DAZE , STUN , CIGS , COPS. . .And dozens more. . .APEX is my personal favorite , meaning... Read More »

In Microsoft Word 2007, how can I put a bar over a letter "x"?

You will use microsoft equation 3.0 to do this.1. Click on the toolbar labeled "Insert".2. Click on the button labeled "Object".3. Scroll down to the option "Microsoft Equation 3.0" and double-clic... Read More »

How to Create a Cover Letter and a Resume in Word 3?

A cover letter and a resume are needed in a career search, but they need to stand out if you want them to work. A resume without a cover letter is incomplete, and a cover letter without a resume is... Read More »