What is a siphon?

Answer Siphons, or syphons, are easy-to-use and effective tools that have been in use for thousands of years. They are used to transfer liquids from one point to another and have a simple yet effective de... Read More »

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How to Safely Siphon Gas Without a Siphon?

A common annoyance around springtime each year is discovering your lawnmower is out of gas. You could invest in a commercial gas siphon to get gasoline out of your automobile's fuel tank, but the l... Read More »

What is a siphon problem?

A siphon problem is any complication associated with a siphon, a tube that uses atmospheric pressure to transfer liquid from one container to another. Siphons are used in many fields, including the... Read More »

What materials do i need to siphon gas and How To?

You can buy the gas can at an auto store or hardware store. The plastic ones are best because they aren't as likely to make sparks from static electricity. You can get the plastic tube at a hardw... Read More »

What does rim and siphon jets look like?