What is a sink holes?

Answer this is something that happens on earths surface..... The ground simply collapses down the now dry rivers that were once filled with water. These are the first real signs of a major drought.

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How to Cut Sink Holes?

When a new countertop is installed in your kitchen or bathroom, a hole will need to be cut out to mount the sink. You can pay to have a contractor cut out the hole, or you can save some money and d... Read More »

Your kitchen sink drain pipe came apart and leaked under sink now How can You dry sub flooring under hardwood floor?

It will dry just fine... after you remove the flooring...

In an apartment complex why would sink or dishwasher drainage show up in a downstairs neighbor's sink?

Answer Because they share a common drain line which is clogged and there is gravity. Be glad you are not just slightly uphill from the clog. The sink line line needs to be roto rootered to clear o... Read More »

Why do men use the kitchen sink instead of the bathroom sink to clean their mouth or wash their hand?

Awesome question, I never thought about it, And yeah it is true, I do wash my face and hands in Kitchen sink....HahaYou deserve a Star....Anyway as far as your question is concerned hmmm I really d... Read More »