What is a sink holes?

Answer this is something that happens on earths surface..... The ground simply collapses down the now dry rivers that were once filled with water. These are the first real signs of a major drought.

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How to Cut Sink Holes?

When a new countertop is installed in your kitchen or bathroom, a hole will need to be cut out to mount the sink. You can pay to have a contractor cut out the hole, or you can save some money and d... Read More »

What is the difference between a topmount sink&an undermount sink?

The two main types of kitchen sink are topmount and undermount. A topmount sink rests on top of the countertop and is surrounded by a raised lip. An undermount sink is secured underneath the counte... Read More »

Do rats dig holes in soil What other small animals dig holes in soil?

Rats do it and its not the little ones, its the ones that look like big freakin cats! When the garbage man comes ask him for some poison and put it in the holes. Watch your car too, they chew on th... Read More »

Do I need a shallow kitchen sink to install an under sink dishwasher?

Installing an under-sink dishwasher typically requires a shallow sink. Using a shallow sink leaves room between the sink and top of the dishwasher being installed. For example, a Space Maker by GE ... Read More »