What is a single premium annuity?

Answer A single premium annuity is a financial contract that is funded with one payment. Annuities pay a specific amount of money to the plan's owner over a period of time.BenefitsA single premium annuity... Read More »

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What is a multiple premium annuity?

Annuities are investment contracts that allow investors to save toward retirement with tax-deferred growth. Because these are investments offered by insurance companies, the contributions paid into... Read More »

What is a single-life annuity?

The term "annuity" covers a wide range of financial products traditionally provided through insurance companies. Annuities are often, but not always, a lower risk investment vehicle when compared t... Read More »

What is a single life annuity?

A single life annuity is a tax-deferred investment sold by an insurance company. The owner buys the annuity based on the life of an annuitant; the single life annuity has only one annuitant. There ... Read More »

How to Buy Single Premium Life Insurance?

The traditional payment arrangement for life insurance is for the policyholder to make monthly or annual payments for the life of the policy. When you buy single-premium life insurance, it works di... Read More »