What is a single premium annuity?

Answer A single premium annuity is a financial contract that is funded with one payment. Annuities pay a specific amount of money to the plan's owner over a period of time.BenefitsA single premium annuity... Read More »

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What is a multiple premium annuity?

Annuities are investment contracts that allow investors to save toward retirement with tax-deferred growth. Because these are investments offered by insurance companies, the contributions paid into... Read More »

What is a single-life annuity?

The term "annuity" covers a wide range of financial products traditionally provided through insurance companies. Annuities are often, but not always, a lower risk investment vehicle when compared t... Read More »

What is a single life annuity?

A single life annuity is a tax-deferred investment sold by an insurance company. The owner buys the annuity based on the life of an annuitant; the single life annuity has only one annuitant. There ... Read More »

What is single premium life insurance?

A person can fully fund a life insurance policy by paying the premium with a single payment. This life insurance plan provides tax advantages and other benefits due to the policy being paid up.Defi... Read More »