What is a simple vegetarian meal that would impress your guests?

Answer Hiya :o) I cook this one for my veggie pals, and they really enjoy it:VEGETARIAN GOULASH FOR 4 PEOPLEPreheat your oven to Gas Mark 4/350F/180CYou will need:2 tablespoons of Olive Oil2 medium onions... Read More »

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How to Set a Table to Impress Guests?

Have you ever walked into a fancy restaurant and seen how they've set the tables? Isn't it amazing? You're worried because tonight you are having a fancy dinner party but don't know how to set the ... Read More »

Easy meal to cook yo impress a girl.?

try a pasta dish. they are usually pretty easy. you can buy pre-stuffed pasta @ trader joes, and just buy an bottle of alfredo sauce it will take about 20 min to heat up everything, serve w/a small... Read More »

Simple question. What was your favorite meal made by your parents what meal made or makes u run to the ->?

Ohhhhhhhhh, yeah,so many.,,,,,,,,,,,,Mom was pretty good in the kitchen,, I must say.Meatballs sauce..........we'd get some Wonder bread and just steal half the pot of sauce, before she even finish... Read More »

How to Accommodate Vegan and Vegetarian Guests?

What happens when you're having guests for dinner, and they are either vegan or vegetarian? Some preparation beforehand can ensure that your vegan and vegetarian guests enjoy the event as much as t... Read More »