What is a silk screen?

Answer Whether it is promotional items for a business or matching T-shirts for the family reunion, silk screening is one of several options available for printing custom designs.How it WorksSilk screening... Read More »

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The Difference Between a Silk Screen & Screen Printer?

Graphics are transferred to items using different transfer methods, such as silk screening. This technique, which is also known as serigraphy, uses a mesh silk screen. An artist carefully draws t... Read More »

How to Silk Screen a PC Case?

A PC case covers the computer tower, protecting components from dust and damage. If you want your case to stand out -- instead of looking like every other black case around -- you can add color and... Read More »

How to Expose a Silk Screen?

Expose a silk screen with an image for the purpose of printing it on paper, fabric, metal, plastic or wood. Your image can be a drawing, graphic design or photograph. With a trip to an art supply s... Read More »

DIY Silk Screen Printing?

No matter if you are a skilled artist or just someone who sees a simple design that you would like to print onto a t-shirt, screen printing is a process that you can do yourself. It has been used f... Read More »