What is a signet finger?

Answer While there is no requirement as to what finger a signet ring must be worn on, most jewelers recommend that signet rings be worn on the smallest finger on your left hand, otherwise known as your pi... Read More »

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What finger do you wear a signet ring on?

Signet rings are rings that have been engraved with personalized designs, such as the wearer's family crest or initials. A signet ring should always be worn on the little finger of your non-leading... Read More »

What color is signet?

Signet is not a specific color. It is an adjective sometimes added to color names to connote royalty. For instance, car makers have introduced signet red (Chevrolet), signet gold (Pontiac) and sign... Read More »

I have a bump on my finger well the side of my finger (the finger next to my pointer finger)?

if it is on your middle then it is because of your pen/pencil it shows you wright a lot and intelligence

What Is a Kodak Signet 50 Camera?

The Kodak Signet 50 camera was the fourth camera in the Kodak Signet series. There were a total of five cameras in this series. On the market from 1957 to 1960, it sold for $82.50. It was a viewfin... Read More »