What is a show in pregnancy?

Answer A 'show' refers to the plug of mucus from the opening of the cervix coming away as the cervix starts to prepare for the birth. It can come away gradually or all at once, and may not come away until... Read More »

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Will an ectopic pregnancy show on a home pregnancy test?

On One Hand: Ectopic Pregnancies Have Low Levels of HormonesFor most women, an abnormal pregnancy such as an ectopic pregnancy has low levels of the hormone hCG. This hormone is produced by a pregn... Read More »

How soon does pregnancy take to show?

Answer each pregnancy is different and all women sow at different times. you may start at around 3 mths or maybe even as late as 5 mths. some women show bigger as they may have more fluid around th... Read More »

When does your pregnancy start to show?

Every woman is different and will start showing at different times. Share your personal story here: I'm nearly 3 months pregnant and I've always been small and thin, I already have a small bump I t... Read More »

When do signs of a pregnancy start to show up?

Answer With in a couple of weeks, you may feel extra tired. You may feel bloated, have slight cramps. Then of course, you would know 1 month later when you do not get your period. But you CAN ge... Read More »