Is AA-12 shotgun the most powerful shotgun?

Answer Yes it is the most powerful shotgun.

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What is the name of the movie showing the military wedding in The Wedding Planner?

The movie that is showing the military weddings in The Wedding Planner is Flirtation Walk.

What gauge is a .410 bore shotgun?

A .410 bore shotgun is not a .410 gauge as many people believe. According to Marshall Williams, contributing writer for Gun Digest, and Chuck Hawks, who runs Guns and Shooting online magazine, the ... Read More »

What is a choke tube shotgun?

Choke tube shotguns have threads machined into the inner end of the barrel as part of the manufacturing process. Most manufacturers include some interchangeable choke tubes with the gun that are sc... Read More »

What shotgun do CIA and FBI agents carry?

The Bay of Pigs, (April 17-19, 1961), was an American operation intending to overthrow Castro and it planned to have the previous Prime Minister, Jose Miro Cardona, reinstalled. The CIA recruited ... Read More »