Anyone up for a simple short Food survey?

Answer 1) White Rice or Brown Rice? Brown Rice2) Squash? Or Sweet Potato? Sweet Potato3) Pork Chops? or Fried Chicken? Fried Chicken4) Pears? Or Apples? Apples5) French Fries? Or Onion Rings? Oni... Read More »

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How to Do Short, Simple, and Spiky Hairstyles for Men?

Short, spiky hairstyles are easy to develop and maintain. A small amount of product is required to hold and shape the short, spiky style, but the overall effort is low when compared to longer hairs... Read More »

How do short and unattractive heterosexual men live and function in a world full of superficial women?

First off, he needs to come to terms with himself.Secondly, he simply needs to understand, that classifying all women as shallow is completely ignorant.The game of love is to get hurt a million tim... Read More »

What is the definition of primary function?

A primary function is an item's first or intended purpose. For instance, protein has a primary function in the human body, and a computer program has a primary function in its programmed use. "Triz... Read More »

Cute Simple Hairstyles for Short Hair?

Short hair does not limit the versatility you can achieve in style. In fact, there are a number of short styles to choose from that continue to gain popularity because of their easy manageability. ... Read More »