What is a short shifter?

Answer A short shifter is a popular performance upgrade to the standard shift lever in cars with a manual transmission.FeaturesIn manual cars, the shifter is the lever that changes the gears. A short shi... Read More »

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How to Install a Short Shifter on a BMW E30?

Installing a short shifter on your BMW E30 3-series is an inexpensive way to shorten the length of shifts and make urban driving easier. It's also an important upgrade, if you are a competitive dri... Read More »

How to Install a Short Shifter?

In the world of racing, every second counts, including the small amount of time it takes to shift a vehicle into gear. Adding a short shifter can substantially improve 1/4-mile times, so it's a wor... Read More »

How to Install a Short Shifter on a E36?

Installing a short shift kit in your BMW E36 3-series can help speed up gear changes and improve overall acceleration by reducing the amount of time spent shifting between gears as the lever does n... Read More »

How to Install a Short Shifter on a 98 Civic?

A short shifter is an aftermarket mechanism that, as the name says, shortens the distance that a car’s shift lever travels when the driver shifts gears. This in turn makes shifting quicker and mo... Read More »