What is a sharper image in photograph?

Answer This would be the opposite of a blurry or unfocused image.

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What are the sharp tv Codes for a sharper image jumbo remote?

'Remote control' means a device that can be used to control a machine or apparatus from a distanceSource: True Knowledge

What are the codes for the VCR using the sharper image jumbo universal control?

First off, make sure the batteries are good. If it still doesn't work and it isn't the original remote control that came with the tv, find the user's manual and re-program the remote to the tv. If ... Read More »

What is the Sharper image universal remote code for Direct TV Plus?

I know it has been pushed back to 2010 (re: send part of 2009 is out the window).Hopefully... the delay will mean they are waiting to use their newest series 4 tech in the direct tv box....Cost, do... Read More »

What are the codes for the jumbo remote by sharper image you have att uverse and can not get this to work?

I had the first remote control vcr,and I bought in 1981.It had cost around $1200+ dollars that my grandad said that I would be carrying it on my back trying to sell it for food whenever times got t... Read More »