What is a shallow wooden gardening basket called?

Answer A "trug"

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Gardening Gift Basket Ideas?

Gift baskets allow you to create a themed presentation of items in a reusable vessel. Treat a gardener to a basket brimming with garden-inspired items such as tools, sweet treats and bath and body ... Read More »

What is the shallow depression in the brain called?

The shallow depressions of the brain are known as sulci. Each sulcus is separated by a gyrus, which are the elevated sections of the brain. The combination of sulci and gyri give the brain its spon... Read More »

What are wooden shoes called?

Wooden shoes are known by many names, which vary by county. In the United States and several other countries, wooden shoes are called clogs. In Holland, wooden shoes are called klompen.Source:Big S... Read More »

What are wooden hammers called?

A mallet is a wooden hammer. It is generally used for precise tapping when a hammer with a metal head would be too hard to control or might leave marks on the material being worked on.References:Sa... Read More »