What is a service contract?

Answer A service contract offers repairs, replacements, upgrades, troubleshooting and maintenance on products. Service contracts are commonly offered on consumer durable goods such as cars, appliances and... Read More »

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How to Become a Contract Delivery Service for the United States Postal Service?

Particularly in rural areas, the United States Postal Service (USPS) will hire contract delivery services. By becoming a contract delivery service for the USPS, you sign on as an independent contra... Read More »

Should you buy a service contract?

AnswerService contracts that you may buy with a new car provide for the repair of certain parts or problems. These contracts are offered by manufacturers, dealers, or independent companies and may ... Read More »

What Is a Fee-for-Service Contract?

There are many types of contracts in the business world with variations on payment structures and methodologies. Fee-for-service contracts are popular in the health care industry where payments are... Read More »

What is a fee for service contract?

There are many types of contracts, just as there are many types of payment methodologies to accompany those contracts. Fee for service contracts are common in the medical industry and may be found ... Read More »