What is a serpentine belt?

Answer The black piece of rubber that snakes through multiple pulleys in an engine is a serpentine belt. One of the pulleys is rotated by the engine, which causes the serpentine belt to rotate the other p... Read More »

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How to Install a New Belt Tensioner With Pulley for Serpentine Belt on Plymouth Voyager V6 Mid 1990 Early 2000 Years?

Typical serpentine belt...Over time, the "spring in the tensioner" wears out, weakens and the serpentine belt wears, stretches and may slip; it may come off in rain or in water puddles or may cause... Read More »

What Is the Function of a Serpentine Belt?

A serpentine belt connects the various components of a car's engine to make them run more efficiently. The belt is essential to the function of the car, and upkeep is critical.

What Is the Purpose of a Serpentine Belt?

A car engine's serpentine belt, also known as an accessories belt or drive belt, powers individual systems external to the vehicle's engine, such as the compressor, air conditioner, alternator and ... Read More »

What Is a Serpentine Belt on Diesel Truck?

Many working truck drivers rely on diesel trucks. Diesel engines are "hot bulb" engines that provide better torque and mileage than gasoline -- or Otto cycle -- engines. Diesel engines, like gasol... Read More »