What is a series 7 test?

Answer Stockbrokers need to know a lot--what the different markets are, how they work, and how to adapt to market changes, for example. As such, not just anybody can do the job. Aspiring traders must pass... Read More »

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What is the best Sci-Fi TV for you I love too mach the TV Series Battlestar Galactica but I try to search for any other Sci-Fi TV Series in same quality of this Series in my opinion I cant.?

You may try , and like , Farscape and Firefly ; below are two relevant links that lead to additional information regarding both shows .

Series 7 Test Registration Requirements?

If you're interested in a career selling securities you must take the General Securities Representative Examination also known as the Series 7 exam. Passing this exam enables you to register with t... Read More »

Last Minute Tips for the Series 7 Test?

Long-term preparation for the Series 7 test, the General Securities Registered Representative Examination, is essential. Passing this Securities and Exchange Commission exam is required to sell sec... Read More »

Is Swinburne test applicable for dc series machine? is not applicable for dc series motor at no no load armature current is too small in dc series motor and we know that speed is inversly proportional to the armature current(speed=v/k... Read More »