What is a senior debt rating?

Answer A senior debt rating is a designation or assessment given by independent rating agencies on the creditworthiness of the bonds issued by publicly held corporations.Senior SecuritySenior debts or sen... Read More »

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What is debt rating?

Debt rating is another term for credit rating. It is an evaluation of a person's or a company's ability to repay a debt and how long it will take the borrower to do so. It is based on the credit hi... Read More »

Definition of Senior Debt?

Businesses and individuals can both struggle with multiple types of debt. For larger companies, it is common that the business be involved in many different types of financial transactions and have... Read More »

What is senior unsecured debt?

Businesses finance themselves by issuing debt. Companies and lenders agree upon terms for both parties to earn a return upon the investment, while minimizing default risks. Senior unsecured debt is... Read More »

How to Calculate & Amortize Senior Debt?

A piece of collateral that has more than one debt claim to it will have senior debt and subordinate debt. The calculation and amortization of senior debt is the same as subordinate debt. The calcul... Read More »