What is a semi auto transmission?

Answer Semiautomatic transmissions have gained popularity in the last 10 years. The manufacturers of family cars and high-end exotics all make vehicles with semiautomatic transmissions. This transmission ... Read More »

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Your invert mini is on semi auto but is working like its on full auto how do you fix this?

the selector switch to your gun has been broken and needs to be replaced i had an M14 and M4 both do this to me

Do soldiers keep their guns on semi auto or full auto?

The standard issue weapon for a soldier is the M16a2.....and it only has semi, and 3 round burst. The older M16a1 used in Veitnam had a Full-auto setting, but soldiers would run out of ammo only 2 ... Read More »

What is an auto shift semi truck?

Long ago, when almost all truck drivers were the sons and daughter of third generation farmers, there was no concern as to whether or not they could drive a stick shift. Modern technology allows fo... Read More »

How to Bore Sight a Semi Auto Rifle?

Semiautomatic rifles can easily be bore sighted by using either a laser or optical boresighter. Laser boresighters project a laser beam to indicate the bullet's point-of-impact; optical boresighter... Read More »