What is a self-insured employer?

Answer As a reaction to the rapidly increasing cost of medical care during the 1970s and 1980s, many private sector companies instituted a type of health insurance known as "self-insured" plans.Identifica... Read More »

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What Is Self Insured Insurance?

An organization or business may choose to be self-insured and assume the risk of paying for insurance claims for employees out of its own pockets. Often self-insured insurance is done to save money... Read More »

What does ICC or self-insured mean?

ICC stands for Insurance Claims Consult, a not-for-profit company that helps business become self-insured. When a business is self-insured, it strategically puts aside a certain amount of money in ... Read More »

What does self-insured mean?

To self ensure means that a person, company or governing unit has enough money to cover the cost in the event of a loss instead of having to depend upon an insurance policy. For example, a large ma... Read More »

Can you be insured by an employer in Arizona after a DUI?

%DETAILS% Answer This decision is based entirely at the discretion of your employer. If you still have no OL it is less likely their insurance will cover you in a crash. To answer your question, it... Read More »