What is a self-insured employer?

Answer As a reaction to the rapidly increasing cost of medical care during the 1970s and 1980s, many private sector companies instituted a type of health insurance known as "self-insured" plans.Identifica... Read More »

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Can you be insured by an employer in Arizona after a DUI?

%DETAILS% Answer This decision is based entirely at the discretion of your employer. If you still have no OL it is less likely their insurance will cover you in a crash. To answer your question, it... Read More »

If an accident with a driver in an insured rental car rented by employer and driver is at fault who is financially liable?

Are you saying that you paid the rent and then the landlord lost the payment?You would have to determine at which point the rent was lost. For instance, if the check never arrived in the mail and w... Read More »

Does renters insurance cover accidental damage to a TV that is in the insured residence and owned by in the insured?

What is the difference between a named insured and an additional insured on a general liability policy?

Attorneys will often say there is no difference, when it comes to extending coverage for legal liability. However, depending the specific additional form used there might be substanial differences ... Read More »