What is a self-help organization?

Answer A self-help organization is based on the concept of self-directed change and personal development. In addition, a person in a self-help organization may receive support from other members who share... Read More »

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HELP!! I got haemorrhoids!! Please Help! Will it heal it self?

Hi. Obviously as it's something you're embarrassed about you're reluctant to go to the doctor, but it really is the best thing to do - doctors see it all every day. They might go away on their own,... Read More »

How to Help an Organization for Terminally Ill Patients?

Different organizations for the terminally ill patient need more volunteers,some people do not become a volunteer until after they have lost a loved one.

What is the minimum hospitalisation time in cases of severe self inflicted injuries by self cutting?

Try this number:1-800-DONTCUT Help for "cutters"

Self conscious....can you help me?

I know how you're feeling, trust me everyone's gone through something like this sooo I'm here to help! Okkayy first, if you wanna wear your hair up but don't feel confident I have a solution! try w... Read More »