What is a seeder& a leecher?

Answer Seeders and leechers are terms used when discussing torrents. A seeder is a person who offers a complete torrent file for download. A leecher is an individual who only makes a portion of a torrent ... Read More »

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What is the difference between a seeder and a leecher and what happens.....?

When you have finished downloading any file and you do not remove it from bittorrent you become a helps others to download that file smoothly. On the other hand the client who has just st... Read More »

What is a leecher on the pirate bay?

Until you have the full file(s) (or set of files in the torrent) and can become a seeder, then you are classed as a leecher for that file. Everyone is a leecher while downloading! (leecher = draw... Read More »

What is an air seeder?

An air seeder, also known as an air planter, is a farming machine that used pressurized air to distribute crop seeds from a single hopper to several parallel planting rows in a single pass. It prov... Read More »

What Is a Slit Seeder?

Whether you are a homeowner or a landscaping professional, there will be times when you need to reseed a lawn. For those jobs, a slit seeder is required to deposit the seed and maximize growth of n... Read More »