What is a security officer?

Answer A security officer is an individual who patrols property and inspects for damage, unauthorized people on the premises, hazards, fire and whatever else the employer wants checked. They may also chec... Read More »

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What are the duties of a security officer or security guard?

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Security Officer Job Requirements?

Security officers, also known as security guards, are hired by individuals and corporations to protect them and their property from criminals. Many security officer jobs require applicants to be a... Read More »

How do you get insured as a security officer?

Basically you just sell it as-is with a salvage title. You can sell private party or to a junk yard as any older car is more valuable parted out (granted was taken care of prior to the wreck).

Security Officer Rules?

Security officers are law enforcement officers in a more minor capacity than police officers. They have had less training and are often not permitted to carry a firearm or make formal arrests witho... Read More »