What is a security camera?

Answer Security cameras are video cameras used to monitor activity at a given location or set of locations. They are also referred to as surveillance cameras.UseSecurity cameras are used by individuals, l... Read More »

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Security camera help?

That is what's known as a 6 pin mini-din port. Also known as PS/2 portAs far as what the other end is supposed to be, I can't help you without knowing anything about the camera itself. perhaps a c... Read More »

How do you know if a security camera is on?

It has a red light. Sometimes. IF you can see it. Which you frequently can't. It is best to assume security cameras are on 24/7, because in almost all cases - they are.


The issue as I read it from your question and from the discussion board isn't about the legality of the security camera, but rather about what you can do in the "public" area of your apartment buil... Read More »

What type of security camera should I get?

wireless isn't a good way to use security cameras. using wires to connect your camera will give you better picture quality and better signal. if you are interested in purchasing a camera with wir... Read More »