What is a secular progressive?

Answer A secular progressive stands against American Judeo-Christian traditions and principles, instead seeking a more inclusive, equal society. Secular progressives are at odds with traditionalists over ... Read More »

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What is the secular progressive movement?

The secular progressive movement is a phrase coined by Fox News Channel conservative commentator Bill O'Reilly to describe a portion of the liberal population who provide large amounts of money and... Read More »

What are the differences between free form digital progressive lens and normal progressive lens?

Donna just made good points about free form lens. One thing I know is that free form digital progressive lens are much more expensive than normal lens, progressive or bifocal. I was once told that ... Read More »

What Does "Secular Bear" Mean?

Understanding the stock market can be challenging to a newcomer, but learning the terminology can quickly demystify much of it. Before you can understand what "secular bear" means, you need to lear... Read More »

What Were the Duties of the Secular Clergy?

According to the Catholic encyclopedia, New Advent secular clergies, or secular priests, perform the duties of priests or deacons, though they not ordained by religion. They are bound by canon laws... Read More »